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Growing up, Larry had a reoccurring thought, dream and vision that consisted of him taking over his father's small business and transforming it into a real company.

One smoldering hot, dark night, under the street lights he shared his DREAM. The group of young men were his best buddies; over the years through hanging out and neighborhood pick-up basketball games they had developed a brotherhood.

Therefore, Larry thought this was a safe place to share his DREAM.

However, in this particular instance their responses were random, indifferent and unsupportive, to say the least. Yet these were some of the same guys that worked side by side with him and his Dad during the summers and when their schedules permitted throughout the school year.

Why couldn't they see it also?​

Throughout my life I often looked back on that moment and realized my decision to discuss my dream delayed my journey; the fact that no one else could see it blurred my vision. After all, these were my partna's! ​

How many Larry Kemp's are there that shared critical, top secret life altering dreams to people they trusted only to be discouraged by them all, talked about, ridiculed and discouraged.

Dreams must be nurtured and are often misunderstood because it's your dream, it has your DNA, it's specifically for YOU. It doesn't consume the heart and mind of another...